Our mission is to Connect Customers to Services (C2S) locally and globally. We are the Interim Service Hub for infrastructure maintenance and business management.

Should you need technical or imanagerial advice or resources: Call our Contact Center or send us a message

Technical Services

Technical services include infrastructure, such as building, electricity, heating, plumbing, garden, decoration, or informatics. In addition, we can assist in facility management, procurement, service center set-up, ITC architecture, or security installations.

Management Services

Financial management, financial reporting, compliance, governance, risk, and business controls, business process outsourcing, business audits, supplier audits, inspections, quality assurance and quality control are our key areas,

"We identify solutions for technical problems and managerial needs. We document the requirements, identify the solutions, scope the projects, develop the business case and initiation documentation, apply industry best practices and standards.

Our service desk screens service providers and candidates, analyses skills and competencies, and match them to the tasks at hand. We staff the projects, test the solutions before implementation, and manage the projects on your behalf if so needed. .

Our business model is to provide assistance for a decimal percentage of the global value of services, shared by the requester and the service provider" Veijo Pirhonen, Project Coordinator


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