Innotermica Ltd is a technology services, business consulting, and outsourcing advisory company. Its incorporated headquarters have been in Helsinki Finland since April 1, 2010. It is a small service provider investing largely in responsiveness, quality, and value.

Financial management and business process outsourcing are the key areas including Company Evaluations, Business Process Analysis & Improvement, Financial Reporting and Audit, Compliancy, Risk, Information Security, Continuity & Recovery, Quality, Change, and Governance for companies in transition to new business models.

Technical response center for domestic and business customers provides assessments, technical advice, and contact network to substance matter experts in technical problems at home or in business. Facility Management, Information Technology, Eco-energy, Construction, Lanscaping, and Physical Security are the main areas covered by the response team.

Isabella Batista
Technical Director: Corporate Finance, Company Evaluation, Accounting, Financial Reporting

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