Call Center for Technical Assistance

At home or in business, technology fails time to time unexpectedly. We help you to find experts in our network, currently available in your location. We screen the qualifications and references of our associates and test them for effective solution.

Standard Project Management

Project management standards cover all essential components of the project: Requirements and scope. Business case and evaluations. Schedule and budget. Change and risk. Monitoring and quality control. Presentations and management reporting.

Business Process Engineering

We analyse the process flow and visualize it AS-IS by means of graphical BPM tools while we interview the business process owners. We identify the steps and practices during mapping and deconstructing a business process. We perform the gap analysis to identify areas for improvement of quality and efficiency.

Best Practices and Benchmarking

Industry best practice are identified in benchmarking, combined with business trends and projections. Requirements of corporate law and international standards for control of risk - security - quality are applied in order to meet compliancy and transparency expectations in implementation.


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